Important works hidden under the ground

Today, the environmental issue is of paramount importance when planning a city. The development of a sanitation project, such as the João Leite dam, involves multiple technical and environmental factors in the task of providing potable water to more than three million inhabitants.

Sewage treatment plant of Fortaleza - CE.
Water mains of the water production system João Leite, Goiânia - GO

Specfic works, such as the Setting of the Pumping Station EB-1 of the Jaíba Project with ow of 65 m3/s in Manga – MG, the Expansion of the River Meia Ponte Water
Supply System of Goiânia – GO, Expansion of the Guarapiranga Water Supply System of São Paulo- SP and the waste treatment plant of Fortaleza-CE also help to set EMSA as a reference in basic sanitation infrastructure works in Brazil.

Wasterwater Treatment Plant in Fortaleza - CE
Water treatment plant of the Meia Ponte System in Goiânia - GO .
Raw water pumping station.
Pumping station of the water production system João Leite, Goiânia - GO
Water Treatment plant and reservoir of the production system João Leite in Goiânia - GO